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Bed Quilts

Mattresses come in "standard" sizes, however quilts do not. We suggest that you give us real measurements for your Personal Quilt. You may have a "sleigh" style foot board that is very tall off the floor, therefore your quilt may not need to be as long as "standard". Perhaps you prefer pillows covered, much like we used to do with bedspreads -- perhaps you have shams (or want matching shams?) All of those things of course affect the size of your Personal Quilt. How far over the side of the bed do you want the quilt to hang? Do you have a "deep" mattress?

SO, to customize Your Personal Quilt, please give us actual side to side and top to bottom measurements that you would like your finished Personal Quilt to be.

Listed here are "standard" mattress top sizes:

Crib = 28" x 52"
Double = 54" x 75"
King = 78" x 80"
Twin = 39" x 75"
Queen = 60" x 80"
Cal. King = 72" x 84"

Your Personal Quilt can be ANY size. Generally, we add an 8-10" drop on at least 3 sides of your quilt. Please remember, that when we design Your Personal Quilt, we can adjust those sizes to your needs. The "Rest of the Story" Section on this website has good information to help you plan your quilt. THEN, please use the Contact Page to get Your Personal Quilt started. We will answer all questions!

Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets
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