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Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets


My GOODNESS, is it time to start thinking about the "holidays"? --- SURE it is!!

If all of you want Your Personal Quilt made for Christmas, and wait very much longer, we might have to say "not this year" to some of you! It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas!!

BUT "Seasonal" isn't just Christmas. We are showing a couple of Halloween quilts – even with Glow in the Dark stitching!! There are a few Christmas things shown, with much more to be added in the next 6 weeks or so. We will be showing Tree Skirts and Wall Hangings --- but we really need to think about a Special Quilt for friend or family that will be used all year long, and give it as a gift now or anytime – or possibly presented at Christmas! Please use our Contact Page to inquire about your ideas and learn more information about other gift ideas.

Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets
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