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Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets

Stryp-Myne, Lap and Couch Quilts

The "Stryp-Myne" Quilts displayed on this page can all be uniquely YOURS. They are created with 40 different fabrics in the color family that YOU choose. Give us the "flavor" of colors of your favorite snuggle place, and we'll create a colorful and comfy lap quilt (60"x72"). Please note: by adding wider borders or multiple borders, these delightful quilts will fit any bed!

The remainder of the quilts pictured on this page that are NOT titled "Stryp-Myne", may vary in size, but still fall in the category of "Lap" or "Couch" Quilts. All of them are part of our inventory and ready to ship to you immediately. The quilts are all approximately $100 each, but prices do vary.

Be sure to check these out – if you are not happy with the color, or size of any, we can replicate the pattern and create this quilt to fit YOUR needs. More questions may be answered on the "Rest of the Story" section of this website, and be sure to use the Contact Page to send us a request!

Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets
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