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T-Shirt Quilts are a marvelous gift for a friend or relative, and an artful way to display the passions of a time in their life. With approximately 20 T's we can design for you a Memory Quilt that will be loved and appreciated. All we need are your T's and a few ideas about the recipient's favorite hobbies, favorite colors (or school colors) and finished size (twin to king). If you don't have a pattern in mind, we will just get creative!

We pride ourselves on the creativity and imagination that we put in to our T-Shirt and Memory Quilts. We may use ALL of a T-Shirt, including pockets or small logos to enhance the look. From information that we get from you, we pick appropriate fabrics and colors for borders and backing – and wah lah – a totally unique and very personal T-Shirt Quilt! The price of T-Shirt quilts vary with the size of the finished quilt. More definitive information can be found in the "Rest of the Story" section of this website. Then, please use the Contact Form on this website to contact us with questions and start the journey toward Your Personal T-Shirt/Memory Quilt!

Pictured here are a couple of examples of fun T-Shirt Quilts that we have completed. HIGHLIGHTS: "Emily" wanted red/black trim. We knew she lived in Texas and had dogs – so the back of the quilt is Puppies all sitting around wearing 10-gallon Cowboy hats. "MaryLou" had clothes from her son from birth to mid-40's!! "Rory" had clothes and baby blankets from her son. "Stephen" graduated from High School. "Lauren" visited Kenya, and will have this throw for years to remember the trip. "Michelle" played volleyball and will be headed to college soon.

Did you see the Onesie Quilts?? One for little boy on this page, and one for a little girl in the "Oh Baby" section of this website!!! Just like a T-Shirt quilt, only with baby onesie's!!! How clever is THAT?

Baby Onesie Customized T-Shirt Quilt
Baby Onesie Quilt

Handmade patchwork quilt t-shirt Safari memory quilt
Lauren's Safari
Custom Memory Quilt
Handmade customized quilt made with old college t-shirts for a blanket or afghan.
Roxy's Iowa College
T-Shirt Custom Quilt

Custommade Memory Quilt
Mary Lou's Custom
Memory Quilt

T-Shirt Memory Quilt Custommade
Michelle's Custom-made
T-Shirt Quilt
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Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets
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