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Toddlers to Tweens

The main theme of these quilts is geared toward the younger set, but older than "baby". These quilts are all in "inventory" and can be ordered from the Contact Page as long as they last.

Does your "tween" have their own unique room that needs to be highlighted with their Own Personal Quilt? Any quilt pattern that you may see on our website can be used for a "Tween" quilt with a change in colors. Please use the Contact Page to send your questions and ideas!

Highlights: The "Lil' Boy Blue" Quilt is unique with a different boy related poem in each of the four corners. --- in the works: a "Lil' Girl Pink" Quilt!!

E106 Lil' Boy Blue
Garden Twist Quilt
(56" x 76")
Handmade Custom Quilts and Blankets
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